The Centre for Interdisciplinary Artefact Studies (CIAS)

CIAS aims to engage in innovative research, teaching and public engagement in the field of artefact studies, disseminating its work to the widest possible audience using a range of media. In this context 'artefacts' will be defined as any object that has been fashioned by humans for a specific purpose.

In particular CIAS will provide:

  • a focus for developing major externally-funded collaborative and interdisciplinary artefact based research projects
  • expert consultancy, including externally commissioned report writing and artefact identification for museums, fellow academics (within the University and externally), field units, English Heritage and other government organizations, the Portable Antiquities Scheme, and consultancies
  • a base for research postgraduates and post-doctoral researchers, supporting their work by providing expertise and analytical services
  • a focus for the diverse range of experts the University employs in this area: staff in International Centre for Culture and Heritage Studies, Culture Lab, Portable Antiquities Scheme Officers and experts within Tyne and Wear Museums
  • outstanding hands-on undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, using the University's museum collections and the very latest research - ensuring a new generation of artefact specialists
  • expert short courses (Master Classes) to non-HEI users and foreign students, through combined handling and internet-based elements