Material Culture Research Strand

The Material Culture Research Strand is an interdisciplinary group based in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology. Its aims are to provide a focus for researchers in the field of material culture by reviewing and discussing recent work, providing feedback on its members’ research proposals and papers, and stimulating new projects. The Research Strand is open to all interested researchers at Newcastle University including staff and postgraduate students.

Through the Centre for Interdisciplinary Artefact Studies, members of the strand work collaboratively on applied and commercial projects with a wide range of partners.

The strand’s convenor is Andrea Dolfini.

2013-14 Meetings (Semester 1)

Thursday 3rd October 2013, 4pm, Armstrong 1.06
Discovering Medieval Ceramics in the Mediterranean: A comparison between Butrint, Athens, Ephesus and Tarsus - Joanita Vroom, Leiden University

Wednesday 13th November, 1pm, Armstrong Building 1.06
PGF lunchtime seminar. Speaker: Peter Topping (Newcastle University): Re-imagining prehistoric extraction: a new ethnoarchaeological approach.

Thursday 28th November, 4pm, Armstrong Building 2.16
Archaeology Research Seminar. Speaker: Vicki Cummings (University of Central Lancashire): Building the Great Dolmens of Britain and Ireland.

2012-13 Meetings

In 2012-13 we explored the theory and practice of skeumorphism, or the making of objects using design elements taken from similar objects made from different materials. Examples include stone versions of metal tools or pottery that looks like basketry. The schedule was as follows:

Thursday 18th October, 3pm, Bedson Teaching Centre 3.31
Start of the year meeting. Teas and coffees will be served

Thursday 1st November,3pm, Bedson Teaching Centre 3.31
Material Culture Strand Seminar. Reading: Frieman, C. 2012. Innovation and Imitation: stoneskeuomorphisms of metal from4th-2nd millennium BC northwest Europe. BAR Archaeopress.

Thursday 6th December, 3pm, Bedson Teaching Centre 2.39
Material Culture Strand Talk. Speaker: Anthony Russell (Glasgow): Beyond Aegean mobility: exploring Aeolian Islander identity in the Bronze Age.

Thursday 13th December, 3pm, Bedson Teaching Centre 2.39
Material Culture Strand Talk. Speaker: Emilie Sibbesson (Southampton): Food in the fourth millennium BC: residues, pots, and pits.

Thursday 7th February, 4pm, Bedson Teaching Centre 2.39
Archaeology Research Seminar. Speaker: Andrew Jones (Southampton): Artist's Materials: The materials of late Neolithic art.

Wednesday 17th April 2013, 4pm, Armstrong Building 1.04
Archaeology Research Seminar. Speaker: Barry Molloy (Sheffield): Sword of the Sea Peoples?

Thursday 25th April, 4pm, Armstrong Building 1.04
Archaeology Research Seminar. Speaker: Lynn Passi-Pitcher (Milan): Recent excavations at the Roman colony of Cremona, Northern Italy.

Past meetings