M e d•L A•B
MatthewEarly Medieval, Late Antique & Byzantine Research Forum

MedLAB is an interdisciplinary forum based in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology at Newcastle University. Its aims are to provide a focus for researchers in the field by reviewing and discussing recent work, hosting research seminars and symposia, providing feedback on its members’ developing papers and proposals, and stimulating new projects. MedLAB is open to all interested researchers at Newcastle University including staff and postgraduate students.

Around twenty academic staff and PhD students at Newcastle take part, plus about ten MA students each year.


Our interests range from Iceland to Armenia via Britain, western Europe, Scandinavia and Byzantium. MedLAB events are currently coordinated by Sam Turner and Maria Duggan.


2013-14 Seminars and Events

Thursday 3rd October 2013, 4pm, Armstrong 1.06
Discovering Medieval Ceramics in the Mediterranean: A comparison between Butrint, Athens, Ephesus and Tarsus - Joanita Vroom, Leiden University

Thursday 10th October 2013, 5pm. Old Library Building, Pybus Room
A relational approach to mortuary practice in medieval Byzantine Anatolia - Sophie Moore, British institute of Archaeology at Ankara

Thursday 7th November 2013, 5pm. Percy Building G05
“Nouz non intrâmes en la terre pour issirent si légement”. Comparing landscapes between Northern England and Southern Italy: the N-LINK project. - Sabrina Pietrobono, Newcastle University

Tuesday 19th November 2013, 5.30pm. Armstrong Building 2.16
Urban transitions in Late Roman Greece: New evidence from Tegea, Arcadia, and Kastro Apalirou, Naxos - Prof. Knut Odegard, University of Oslo

Monday 2nd December 2013, 5pm, Armstrong Building 1.03
The Church in Tenth-Century Northumbria: what we can learn from Stonegrave Minster - Dr Victoria Whitworth, Centre for Nordic Studies, University of the Highlands and Islands

Thursday 5th December 2013, 4pm. Percy Building G05
Early Christian features and landscapes of Inishowen, Co. Donegal - Colm O'Brien and Max Adams, Bernician Studies Group

Thursday 9th January 2014, 5.30pm. Percy Building G05
Urbanism and water supply in late antique and Post-Roman Spain - Javier Martínez Jiménez, University of Oxford

Thursday 6th February 2014, 5pm. Old Library Building, Pybus Room
Rulers, Shrines, and Power in the Early Middle Ages - David Rollason, Durham University

Thursday 6th March 2014, 5pm (tbc). Armstrong Building 1.06
Title TBC - Frans Theuws, Leiden University

Thursday 13th March 2014, 5pm. Armstrong Building 1.06
Making Kingdoms, Creating Communities: contrasting kingship and politics in early medieval Ireland and Britain - Patrick Gleeson, University College Cork

Wednesday 26th March 2014, 5pm. Armstrong Building 2.16
Ceramics and Atlantic Connections Symposium, Keynote Lecture - Michel Bonifay, Chargé de Recherche au CNRS, MMSH - Centre Camille Jullian, Aix-en-Provence

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