Research Areas in the History of Medicine

  • The Histories and Traditions of Medical Knowledge
  • The Histories of Medical Practice, Ethics and Expertise
  • Historical Responses to Mental Illness and Disability
  • History of Bodies, Sexualities and Reproduction
  • The Representation of Medicine in Literature and Fine Art
  • Colonial Medical History
  • History of Nutrition, Famine, Death and Mortality
  • Medieval and Early Modern Attitudes to Illness and Healing

In addition to the research pursued within the School of Historical Studies, the Northern Centre for the History of Medicine has developed interdisciplinary relationships across the University with academics exploring aspects of medical history, including:

  • Research in the history of science, philosophy and knowledge systems is in the Centre for Research in Knowledge, Science and Society (KNOSSOS) directed by Professor Milan Jaros (Physics).
  • Research of the University's Medicinal Plants Research Centre directed by Professor Elaine Perry, draws on the knowledge of historical medical remedies for modern application, especially in the area of neurochemicals.
  • The research on policy and ethical issues in the life sciences is carried out in the Centre for Policy and Ethics of the Life Sciences (PEALS) directed by Professor Erica Haimes (Professor of Sociology and Social Policy).