Ancient country : the historic character of rural Devon (2007)

Author(s): Turner SC

    Notes: This book is finished and will be published in summer 2007. This mid-length book (c.50,000 words), well-illustrated in full colour (140 figs) will present an entirely new kind of landscape history for Devon using the results of the recent Devon Historic Landscape Characterisation projects. The book divides the county into landscape regions using the GIS-based data from the HLC and analyses specific case studies against archaeological and other sources. It also assesses rates of change and the major threats that face the rural landscape today, and assesses what archaeology's role will be in managing these chnages in the future. The research and publication has been funded by grants from English Heritage and Devon County Council.

      • Series Title: DAS Supplementary Monograph Series
      • Number of Pages: 185
      • Publisher: Devon Archaeological Society
      • Publication type: Authored book
      • Bibliographic status: Published

        Professor Sam Turner
        Professor of Archaeology / Head of School / Director, McCord Centre