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A To Z

Dr Oscar Aldred
Visiting Fellow

Lindsay Allason-Jones OBE
Visiting Fellow

Dr Joan Allen
Senior Lecturer in Modern British History

Dr Jonathan Andrews
Reader in the History of Psychiatry

Dan Armstrong
Programme Secretary (Data Management)

Dr Craig Armstrong
Teaching Assistant (History)

Dr Scott Ashley
Lecturer in Medieval History

Dr Bruce Baker
Lecturer in Modern American History

Dr Claudia Baldoli
Senior Lecturer in European History

Dr Richard Bayliss
Visiting Lecturer in Archaeology

  • Telephone: c/o 0191 208 7844

Professor Helen Berry
Dean of Postgraduate Studies

Professor Anthony Birley
Visiting Professor

Professor Jeremy Boulton
Professor of Urban History

Dr Claire Brewster
Senior Lecturer in Latin American History

Dr Keith Brewster
Senior Lecturer in Latin American History

Dr Maria Brosius
Reader in Ancient History

Dr Fergus Campbell
Reader in Social & Cultural History

Dr Sarah Campbell
Teaching Fellow in Modern Irish History

Richard Carlton
Visiting Fellow in Archaeology

Nicola Carter
Office Manager

Dr John Charlton
Visiting Fellow in History

Dr Borislav Chernev
Teaching Fellow in Russian History

Vic Christie
Research Support Officer

Dr Nicola Clarke
Lecturer in the History of the Islamic World

Barbara Cochrane
School Manager

Dr Rob Collins
Research Associate

Professor Penelope Corfield

Dr David Creese
Lecturer in Classics

Janice Cummin
Personal Assistant to Head of School

Leigh Denley
Module Liaison Officer

Dr Andrea Dolfini
Lecturer in Later Prehistory

Benjamin Dyson
Guest Member of Staff

Professor David Eltis
Visiting Professor

Dr Silvia Espelt Bombin

Graham Fairclough
Principal Research Associate

Dr Martin Farr
Senior Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary British History

Dr Paolo Ferrari
Visiting Lecturer

Sandra Fletcher
Postgraduate and Postgraduate Admissions Secretary (General Enquiries)

Dr Chris Fowler
Senior Lecturer in Later Prehistoric Archaeology

Dr James Gerrard
Lecturer in Roman Archaeology

Dr Myra Giesen

Professor Susan-Mary Grant
Professor of American History and Deputy Head of School

Dr Kevin Greene
Visiting Fellow (Archaeology)

Dr Rachel Hammersley
Senior Lecturer in Intellectual History

Dr Jan Harding
Senior Lecturer in Later Prehistory

Patricia Harrison
Finance & Research Officer

Professor Ian Haynes
Professor of Archaeology

Emeritus Professor Donald Hill
Emeritus Professor

Dr Violetta Hionidou
Senior Lecturer in Modern European History

Claire Holden
UG Secretary

Dr Benjamin Houston
Senior Lecturer in Modern US History

Dr Sophie Hueglin
Marie Curie Fellow

Dr Mark Jackson
Lecturer in Archaeology

Kate Kelly
Programme Secretary

Dr James Kennaway
Research Associate

Professor Tim Kirk
Professor of European History

Ronnie Kiteley
Undergraduate Admissions Secretary

Dr Mark Lawrence
Teaching Fellow

Dr Joseph Lawson
Lecturer in Modern Chinese History

Professor John Marincola
Visiting Professor

Pippa Milburn
Office Manager

Dr Don Miller
Teaching Fellow in Greek and Roman History

Professor John Moles
Professor of Latin

Dr Sophie Moore

Emeritus Professor Robert Moore
Strategic Research Adviser

Dr Gwenda Morgan
Strategic Research Adviser

Dr Adam Morton
Lecturer in the History of Britain

Dr Caron Newman
Research Associate

Fiona Noble

Colm O'Brien
Visiting Fellow (Archaeology)

Jeremy Paterson
Visiting Fellow

Dr Diana Paton
Reader in Caribbean History

Dr Pilar Perez Canizares

  • Telephone: c/o (0191) 208 7844

Dr Matt Perry
Reader in Labour History

Dr Susanna Phillippo
Lecturer in Classics

Professor Paul Pickering
Visiting Professor

Dr Sabrina Pietrobono

Dr April Pudsey
Lecturer in Ancient History

Dr Alejandro Quiroga
Reader in Spanish History

Dr Luc Racaut
Lecturer in History

Dr Thea Ravasi
Visiting Lecturer (Archaeology)

Anne Redgate

Thilo Rising
Visiting Fellow (Classics)

Dr Thomas Rütten
Reader in the History of Medicine

Dr Federico Santangelo
Senior Lecturer in Ancient History

Professor David Saunders
Professor of Russian history

Teresa Saunders
Guest Member of Staff (Classics)

Dr Felix Schulz
Lecturer in Modern European History

Dr Samiksha Sehrawat
Lecturer in the History of Medicine and South Asia

Dr Joseph Skinner
Lecturer in Ancient Greek History

Dr Martyn Smith
Teaching Fellow in Japanese History

Dr Rowland Smith
Lecturer in Ancient History

Emeritus Professor Tony Spawforth
Emeritus Professor

Dr Andrew Stedman
Associate Lecturer in History

Dr Piero Tassinari
Research Associate (History of Medicine)

Alex Turner
Research Associate (Archaeology)

Professor Sam Turner
Professor of Archaeology / Head of School / Director, McCord Centre

Professor Philip van der Eijk
Visiting Research Professor of Greek

Dr Sally Waite
Teaching Fellow in Classics

Dr Janet Watson
Teaching Assistant (Classics)

Dr Jane Webster
Senior Lecturer in Historical Archaeology and Head of Archaeology

Professor Jakob Wisse
Professor of Latin Language & Literature and Head of Classics

Professor Anthony Woodman
Visiting Professor

Professor Keith Wrightson
Visiting Professor