Dr Benjamin Houston
Senior Lecturer in Modern US History

Research Interests

Civil Rights & The African American Freedom Struggle
The U.S. South
20th Century US History
Oral History

Current Work

I am currently completing The Nashville Way: A Southern City and Racial Change, a book-length manuscript that examines race relations and the Movement in Nashville, Tennessee. My focus is on the evolving relationship between racial law and racial custom as exhibited by a number of different settings within the city. I am particularly interested in how this relationship conditions the cultural attitudes of whites and African Americans over time.

Future Research

Assorted projects derived from my research on civil rights in Tennessee and the African American experience in Pittsburgh.

Nonviolent direct action and civil rights

Postgraduate Supervision

I welcome inquiries about postgraduate supervision in my research areas.

Previous Positions

Director, Remembering African American Pittsburgh [RAP] Oral History Project, sponsored by the Center for Africanamerican Urban Studies and the Economy, Department of History, Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA).

Undergraduate Teaching

I am currently module leader and/or tutor for:

HIS1030 Evidence and Argument
HIS1046 The Americas
HIS2080 Final Frontiers: America in the Space Age
HIS3125 Cultural Identities and the Counterculture in 1960s America.
HIS3040 Civil Rights in America
HIS3008 Reading History
HIS3010 Writing History

Postgraduate Teaching

HIS8031 Advanced themes in the History of the Americas MA (contributor)
HIS8103: The Southern Civil Rights Movement