Dr Oscar Aldred
Research Associate

Research Interests

My research interests are related to landscape archaeology and archaeological theory. I am interested primarily in British and North Atlantic landscapes, irrespective of period, although I have a specialism in medieval and later landscapes, including the contemporary. I am an expert in characterisation (method and theory), GIS, mapwork, technical survey and excavation. 

Research Projects

My current research project is:

My recent but active research projects are:

  • North Sea (East Yorks - Norfolk) Historic Seascape Characterisation (Newcastle University & English Heritage)
  • An archaeology of movement in Iceland speed, rhythm, choreography and operational chains in Iceland’s landscape (University of Iceland, PhD)
  • The island communities of Breiðafjörður, Iceland (Institute of Archaeology, Iceland)
  • The landscape and seascape of Vatnsfjörður, north-west Iceland (Institute of Archaeology, Iceland)
  • Reykholtskirkja, Iceland. Excavation, post-excavation and publication (Institute of Archaeology, Iceland, National Musuem of Iceland & Snorrastofa)
  • Réttir (sheep folds) in the landscape: the anthropology and archaeology of landscapes in Iceland (University of Iceland)

My previous research projects (selection) are:

  • ArcLand - Archaeolandscapes Europe EU Culture 2007 - 2013 (Institute of Archaeology, Iceland, with partners)
  • Reykjavík Harbour front excavations phase 1 and 2 (Institute of Archaeology, Iceland)
  • A System of medieval earthworks in north east Iceland (Institute of Archaeology, Iceland & Myvatn Research Station)
  • Satellite mapping using DigitalGlobe data for Iceland (Institute of Archaeology, Iceland)
  • ARENA (Archaeological Records of Europe: Networked Access) EU Culture 2000 (Institute of Archaeology, Iceland & Archaeological Data Service, University of York, with partners)
  • Approaching diverse European dynamic pre-industrial landscapes in the volcanically active regions of Greece and Iceland (COST A27 Understanding pre-industrial structures in rural and mining landscapes) (Institute of Archaeology, Iceland, with partners)
  • Höfðagerði, Núpar, Iceland: excavation of a Viking age smithy (Institute of Archaeology, Iceland)
  • Historic Landscape Characterisation - National Review of Methodology (Somerset County Council & English Heritage)
  • Historic Landscape Characterisation – Somerset and Exmoor National Park (Somerset County Council & English Heritage)
  • Settlement and field: Medieval landscape of Wimpole Hall, Cambridgeshire (National Trust)

Research Roles

I am responsible for the scientific programme and the organisation of the international annual AARG conferences, between 2012 - 2014): in September 2012 at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary; 2013 in Amsterdam, Holland; 2014 in Dublin, Ireland (provisional).

Industrial Relevance

My current and previous project portfolio includes several applications of archaeological research for the heritage management sector. These applications are used to give develop better management procedures and to facilitate more informed planning decisions, as well as to increase information about archaeological and related work for stakeholders and the general public.