Dr Sabrina Pietrobono

I left Newcastle University on 31st December 2014. If you need to contact me, please send an email to: nlink.uk@gmail.com and see: https://sites.google.com/site/nlinkproject/sabrina-pietrobono or https://newcastle.academia.edu/SabrinaPietrobono

Research areas:

  • Archives and documents: interdisciplinary studies in history and archaeology.
  • Landscape History;
  • Roman and medieval towns in Central Italy, history and archaeology;
  • Monasteries and castles in the Middle Ages, history and archaeology;
  • Ancient and medieval architecture;
  • Christian/medieval epigraphy;

Research Projects

  • Active research projects:

          1. UK:  Marie-Curie Action: "Intra-European fellowships for career development", IEF. Seventh Framework Programme. Normannitas: Landscape, Identity and Norman Kingdoms. Project Acronym: N-LINK. Newcastle University - School of History, Classics and Archaeology. Individual research grant.


          2. The Pofi Project: Ceramics and small finds from a medieval castrum in Central Italy, directed by Italo Biddittu. With Rosangela De Acutis.

          3. Raffaele Garrucci e l'epigrafia cristiana. Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology (Rome - Vatican City). Supervisor: Prof. Danilo Mazzoleni.

  • Recent research projects (selection): 
  1. Italy: "Le Storie della Terra". Comune di Castro dei Volsci and Provincia di Frosinone. Scientific Director of the Civic Archaeological Museum and project supervisor.
  2. Italy. Research and technical support for the Museum catalogue publication project: see Pascucci P. and Fenelli, M (eds). Il Museo Civico Archaeologico di Castro dei Volsci. Rome. 2009. 
  3. Italy: The Castles of Lazio Meridionale. Settlements dynamics, fortified structures and seigniorial power between the Melfa and Liri Rivers (9th - 13th centuries). University of L'Aquila, PhD. 
  4. Italy: Carta Archeologica Medievale. Forma Italiae Medii Aevi. Supervisor: Stella Patitucci Uggeri. University of Cassino. 
  5. Italy: "Santità e territorio". Indipendent research project for "San Germano. Collana di storia e cultura religiosa medievale", University of Cassino, Director Filippo Carcione.

 My current project is: The Lands on the Rivers. Perception and Legacy of Medieval Benedictine landscapes (11th - 13th century). N-LINK Research Group (Rome - Italy). See: N-LINK RG


  • Member of the Board of Editors of "San Germano - Storia e Cultura Religiosa", University of Cassino.  
  • Reviewer activity: http://histara.sorbonne.fr


  • N-LINK
    Project Leader(s): Sabrina Pietrobono, Sam Turner