Postgraduate Research in Classics and Ancient History

Colonial Romans: Piazza della Corporazioni, OstiaClassics at Newcastle University is committed to creating a vibrant research environment for our students. We welcome enquiries from prospective research students for our degrees.

For course content, entry requirements, fees, funding and visa information; please see our degree descriptions:

You may find it helpful to find out more about the School's major research areas and the particular interests of members of staff. This will help you in selecting a potential supervisor. You could also take a look at our current postgraduate students' research profiles.

Our key research specialisms include:

  • Ancient economies
  • Ancient women
  • Ancient Persia
  • Ancient Ethnography
  • Ancient Identity
  • Classics and colonialism
  • Greek and Roman music
  • Greek and Roman science
  • Greek and Roman epigraphy and onomastics
  • Greek Art and Archaeology
  • Greek History (from Archaic Greece to Alexander the Great)
  • The Greek World under Rome (from the conquest of Greece to the Byzantine Empire)
  • Greek Philosophy
  • The Influence of Greek Philosophy on the New Testament
  • Greek Medicine, its history and influence (extending to the Renaissance)
  • Greek and Roman historiography (especially Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon, Livy and Tacitus) and biography (especially Cornelius Nepos and Plutarch)
  • Greek and Roman Oratory and Rhetoric (especially Cicero)
  • Greek epic (especially Homer)
  • Greek Tragedy (especially Euripides) and its influence (especially on Racine)
  • Greek Literary Criticism (especially Aristotle's Poetics)
  • Later Greek Literature (especially Plutarch, Dio Chrysostom, the Second Sophistic and Julian)
  • Roman History (especially Late Republic, Middle/Late Empire, the emperors Hadrian and Julian, and the interaction of Pagan and Christian)
  • The City of Rome
  • Roman Wine " Roman Medicine " Roman Epic Poetry (especially Virgil)
  • Roman epistolography (especially Horace and Seneca)
  • Roman Lyric Poetry (especially Catullus and Horace)
  • Roman Philosophical Poetry (especially Horace's Epistles).

We have excellent research facilities and an outstanding research environment. Students have easy access to museums and a range of libraries available to aid your research including:

We also run a series of Research Seminars in conjunction with the areas of Archaeology and History within the School.

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Dr Federico Santangelo, Programme Director for Research Degrees in Classics and Ancient History


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