Postgraduate Research in History

The Great Wall of ChinaWe provide a rich and stimulating research environment which brings together historians (including ancient historians), archaeologists and classicists. Members of staff have established expertise in comparative world history, European, Russian, North American and British history as well as the history of Newcastle and its region.

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Our historians have a high research profile with a reputation for producing dynamic and innovative work. The majority of research submitted to the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise is officially classified as world-leading, internationally excellent or recognised internationally in terms of originality, significance and rigour. You may find it helpful to find out more about the School's major research areas and the particular interests of members of staff. This will help you in selecting a potential supervisor.

Slave revolt on board shipWe have excellent research facilities and an outstanding research environment. Students have easy access to a range of museums and libraries to aid your study such as:

  • The University Library contains a number of important manuscript collections.
    • It is strong in materials relating to 19th/20th-century British political history, (the Trevelyan, Runciman and Gertrude Bell collections). It also holds a large quantity of microform resources.
    • For British history they include: Crown Servants - papers of Thomas Wentworth 1st Earl of Strafford (26 reels); Earl of Strafford's letters and dispatches (2 reels); The Times; Women's Suffrage Collection from the Manchester Central Library (30 reels); British War Cabinet Minutes; Popular Newspapers in the Second World War (83 reels); Mass Observation 1939-45 (microfiche).
    • For European history they include: Akten der Principalkommission des Immerwahrenden Reichstages zu Regensburg 1663-1806 (microfiche); Russian Revolutionary Literature collection (47 reels); Russian Archives - intercepted letters of the Russian revolutionaries 1883-1917 (175 reels); Conditions and Politics in occupied Western Europe 1940-45 (183 reels).
    • For American history they include: Abolition and Emancipation (microfiche); Slavery prior to 1850 (microfiche); Papers of Frederick Douglass (34 reels); Civil Rights during the Kennedy Administration 1961-63 (47 reels); Stetson Kennedy collection on civil rights (4 reels); Crisis: a record of the darker races 1910-75 (7 reels); Colored American Magazine 1900-1909 (3 reels) East St. Louis Race Riot of 1917 (8 reels); Liberation 1956-71 (7 reels); New South 1946-70 (5 reels); Negro Labor Committee Record Group (17 reels); History of the United States Civil War microfiche collection; Civil War and the Confederacy: some business records; Civil War journals 1862-65. )
  • Library rights at Durham University Library
  • Regional archive resources are also extremely rich. The county archives for Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and County Durham are all within easy reach of postgraduate students at Newcastle University.

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Jeremy Boulton, Programme Director for Research Degrees in History