recent PGR students

Recent Graduates

To view the profiles of some of our recently graduated PhD students click on the links below:

  • Graham Butler: Disease, Medicine and the Urban Poor in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, c. 1750-1850
  • Ana Clelia Correia: Engraved World: Contextual Analysis of Figures and Markings on the rocks of south-eastern Piaui, Brazil.
  • Rachel Crellin: Scales of time, scales of change: the emergence of a Bronze Age on the Isle of Man
  • David Cockcroft: Identifying patterns of personhood in the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age funerary monuments of Yorkshire
  • Todd Curtis: Medicine, Science, and Spin: Rhetorical Strategies and Generic Constraints in the Galenic Corpus
  • Ruth Easingwood: British Women in Occupied Germany: Lived Experiences in the British Zone 1945-1949
  • Silvia Espelt-Bombin: Free African-Americans in eighteenth century Panamá City: trade, identity and social mobility
  • Michelle Gamble: Health and Disease in Chalcolithic Cyprus: A problem-oriented palaeopathological study of human remains
  • Katie Green: Rural Byzantine landscapes and societies: new approaches to characterisation and analysis
  • Christopher Reza Hassan: The Achaemenid Military in Greek Historiography
  • Dulma Niroshini Karunarathna: Imaging the female in changing socio-cultural contexts: a study of female representations in the visual arts of late mediaeval and colonial Sri Lanka
  • Sonja Lapraik:The Hippocrates portrait in Federico da Montefeltro's studiolo at Urbino
  • John Mabbitt: Urban Society and the Civil War: the archaeology of the new Jerusalem.
  • Helen McKee: Negotiating Freedom in the Circum-Caribbean: The Jamaican Maroons and Creek Nation Compared
  • Nadine Metzger: Premodern Histories of Lycanthropy and Ephialtes
  • Sophie Moore: Life, Death and Cosmology in Mid-Byzantine Anatolia (9th – 12th century AD): a holistic approach to mortuary practice
  • Sheila Newton: Settlement and Landscape in the Parishes of Muggleswick and Edmundbyers and adjacent areas of the Upper Derwent Valley
  • Caron Newman: Mapping the late medieval and post medieval landscape of Cumbria
  • Caroline Nielsen: The Chelsea Out-Pensioners: Image and Reality in Eighteenth-Century and Early Nineteenth-Century Social Care
  • Fiona Noble: Sulla and the Gods
  • James Rees: An archaeology of thenumeriof the Imperial Roman army
  • Jonathan Shipley: Concealed Communities: Medieval Landscapes, Agriculture, Transhumance
  • Ria Snowdon: Georgian Women in the Business of Print: Gender and the Provincial Press of Northern England
  • Marcella Sutcliffe: English Radicals and Italian Democrats: a long Connection
  • Melinda Sutton: British Labour Party attitudes to Northern Ireland 1969-2007
  • Ivanna Zivaljevic Concepts of the Body In the Mesolithic-Neolithic Danube Gorges:Interpreting the Post-mortem treatment Of Human and Animal Bodies