Classics and Ancient History at Newcastle

National Student Survey results 2015: 93% overall satisfaction.

Newcastle is an excellent and exciting place to study Classics and Ancient History, with a lively and dedicated team of lecturers. While the classical languages are not compulsory elements in all our programmes (except the language-based Classics programme), we offer highly successful and nationally acclaimed beginners' language modules for students who wish to try their hand at Greek and/or Latin.

Our students have the opportunity to study abroad - we have links with the University of Bologna and the Istituto Orientale in Naples. Both universities are very distinguished institutions (Bologna is the oldest European university) situated in cities of outstanding beauty and historical interest, and with large student populations.

Every year, we aim to send at least two students to spend their second year in Bologna or Naples and receive two back from Italy in return. Preference may be given to students reading Classics, but other students willing to do some Latin in Bologna will be welcome. While the teaching is in Italian, both Bologna and Naples provide intensive language classes before formal teaching begins.

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