A To Z

Professor Ashley Adamson
Prof of Public Health Nutrition and NIHR Research Professor

Dr Suzana Al Moosawi
Research Associate

Wendy Bal
Research Technician

Claire Bamford
Senior Research Associate

Michelle Barr
PA to Professor John Mathers, Lead Secretary for the HNRC

Dr Laura Basterfield
Newcastle Biomedicine Faculty Research Fellow

Sue Bell
PA to Professor Ashley Adamson and Public Health Improvement Administrator

Dr Christine Bosch-Saadatmandi
Feodor Lynen Research Fellow

Jennifer Bradley
Research Assistant

Dr Kirsten Brandt
Senior Lecturer

Dr Lorraine Brennan
Senior Lecturer

Dr Iain Brownlee
Acting Director of Operations for Food & Human Nutrition

Christopher Bulman
Research Technician

Dr Hyang-Min Byun
IRES Fellow

Dr Carlos Celis Morales
Research Associate

Dr Mei-Yen Chan
Senior Lecturer in Food and Human Nutrition

Laura Cutler
Research Assistant

Professor Dianne Ford
Professor of Molecular Nutrition

Dr Emma Foster

Lisa Gilder
PA and Research Support Co-ordinator

Louis Goffe
Research Associate

Joel Halligan
Research Assistant

Professor John Edward Hesketh
Professor of Mammalian Molecular Biology

Dr Thomas Hill
Senior Lecturer in Nutrition

Dr Angela Jones
Research Associate

Dr Dawn Jones

Dr Jose Lara-Gallegos
Research Associate

Dr Georg Lietz
Senior Lecturer

Dr Katherine Livingstone
Research Associate

Professor John Mathers
Professor of Human Nutrition

Dr Jill McKay
Lecturer in Molecular Epidemiology

Dr Lorraine McSweeney
Research Associate

Dr Catherine Meplan
Teaching fellow

Professor Paula Moynihan
Prof of Nutrition & Oral Health

Dr Gerry O'Brien

Dr Nicola O'Brien
Research Methodologist

Dr Edward Okello
Executive Director of the Medicinal Plant Research Group

Dr Anthony Oxley
Research Associate

Dr Kathryn Parkinson
Senior Research Associate

Professor Caroline Relton
Prof of Gen & Epigenetic Epidemiology

Professor Chris Seal
Prof of Food & Human Nutrition

Dr Mario Siervo

Emma Simpson
Research Assistant

Suzanne Spence
Research Assistant

Dr Sokratis Stergiadis
Associate Researcher

Dr Leo Stevenson
Director of Operations, Food & Human Nutrition Programme (Singapore)

  • Telephone: +65 65500147

Carolyn Taylor
Research Technician

Dr Tim Townshend
Deputy Head of School and Director of Planning and Urban Design

Dr Ruth Valentine
Senior Lecturer

Dr Luisa Wakeling
Teaching Fellow

Dr Anthony Watson
Research Associate

Dr Naomi Willis
Research Associate

Dr Wendy Wrieden
Principal Research Associate

Dr Long Xie