Dr Mario Siervo
Lecturer in Nutrition & Ageing


I am a clinical scientist with an interest in nutrition, endothelial function and chronic metabolic diseases. I am part of the Human Nutrition Research Centre at the Institute for Ageing and Health.    


- 2006-2011 PhD in Nutrition and Human Physiology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

- 2002-2003 MSc in Public Health Nutrition, LSHTM, London, UK 

- 1998-2002 Specialization in Clinical Nutrition, University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy

- 1992-1998 Medical Degree, University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy  

Employment History

- 2012-Present Lecturer Institute for Ageing and Health, Newcastle University, UK

- 2011 Visiting Research Fellow, NIDDK, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, USA

- 2005-2010 Clinical Fellow, Obesity Clinic, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, UK

- 2004-2010 Clinical Scientist, MRC Human Nutrition Research, Cambridge, UK

Affiliated Faculty

- Visiting Research Fellow – University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy  

Certification and Specialty Boards

- 2009    Board Certification (UK) in Public Health Nutrition

- 2005    National Boards (UK) in Medicine and Surgery (Full GMC registration)

- 2003    Board Certification (Italy) in Clinical Nutrition  

Professional Memberships

Association Study of Obesity (UK), Obesity Society (US), Nutrition Society (UK)

 Research Interests

 - Obesity, ageing and cardiometabolic risk

 - Sarcopenic obesity: assessment, diagnosis and clinical relevance

- Endothelial function, nitric oxide and insulin resistance

- Inorganic nitrate, endothelial function and cardiometabolic risk

- Added sugar and fructose intake, endothelial function and cardiometabolic risk

Research Methods

- Assessment of body composition using multi-compartment models

- Measurement of energy expenditure

- In vivo measurement of endothelial and metabolic function using stable isotopes

- Frequent Sampling Intravenous Glucose Tolerance Testing

- Stable Isotope Analysis

- Risk prediction and longitudinal modelling

Esteem Indicators

- Editorial Board (Clinical Obesity). Reviewer for several medical journals  

- Invited Speaker (FESIN Lecture, Italian Nutrition Society Meeting, Naples, Italy, 2011; EURRECA Conference on Nutrition and Ageing, Rome, Italy, 2008; Spanish Obesity Society Meeting, Saragoza, Spain, 2007). 

Current Projects

- Effects of inorganic nitrate on insulin sensitivity in middle-aged and older obese subjects (Role: PI)

- Acute effects of violent videogame on cardiovascular function and appetite in young normal weight men (Role: Co-PI)

- Effect of chronic hypoxia on insulin resistance and nitric oxide metabolites (Role: Collaborator). 

- Effect of isometric training and beet root juice on blood pressure in overweight and obese older subjects (Role: Co-PI)

- Effects of rate and extent of weight loss on body composition, energy metabolism and nitogen balance  in obese men (Role: Co-PI)

- Developmement of BMI-specific reference body composition curves in the NHANES database. (Co-PI).

- Effect of added sugar and fructose intake on cardiometabolic health and cognition (Role: Co-PI)

- Body image, obesity and weight loss expectations in older obese women (Role: Co-PI)

- Birth order, early life programming and cardiometabolic health (Role: Co-PI)