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Flexible Working

All staff can make a request for flexible working. This includes parents and carers who have a statutory right to do so. The policy outlines the eligibility and process for employees of Newcastle University, who wish to request flexible working.

Leaflet for staff on Flexible Working options (PDF, 296KB)

Requesting Flexible Working

Flexible Working request policy (PDF, 35KB)

Flexible Working request form (Word, 27KB)

Managers' Guidance on Flexible Working

Managers' briefing (PDF, 195KB)

Managers' guidance on home working (PDF, 248KB)

Managers' guidance on job sharing (PDF, 34KB)

Managers' guidance for staff on Level F and above (excluding academic and research staff) (PDF, 30KB)

Flexible Working Related Leave Options

Career Break Scheme

Unpaid Leave

Buying Additional Annual Leave