Leave Calculator

Annual Leave

The University holiday year is 1st October to 30th September inclusive. The calculation is based on completed weeks service.

Annual leave entitlements are outlined in the conditions of service for your staff category or grade.

All regular staff receive 8 public holidays and 4 University discretionary closure days (pro rata for part time staff) in addition to the basic annual leave entitlement.

For grades A-E, annual leave entitlement increases after 5 years' service. The increase is incorporated into the annual leave when the 5 years' service is achieved.


Full Time Staff - All Grades

Full Time Staff Annual Leave Reference Table (PDF, 196KB)


Part Time and Term Time Staff - All Grades

Part time staff need to recalculate their annual leave entitlement each year.

Annual Leave Calculator for Part Time and Term Time Staff (Excel, 19KB)


Part Time and Term Time New Starters, Leavers or Changes in Hours - All Grades

If you commence or leave employment part way through the leave year, you will need to calculate your annual leave for the part year.

If you change your hours/working pattern part way through the leave year you will need to do two calculations for before and after the change.

Part Year Annual Leave Calculator for New Starters, Leavers or Changes in Hours (Part Time and Term Time Staff) (Excel, 21KB)


Staff in the University Library and Catering who work term time and are paid in lieu of annual leave, please contact your Unit Administrator for confirmation of your entitlement. Other staff should contact HR.