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Payroll Deadlines from October 2013

Common Pay Spine

Grades A - I (PDF, 95KB)

Other Scales

Hourly Paid Teaching Staff (PDF, 90KB)

Non Clinical Professorial (PDF, 21KB)

Undergraduate Tutors (PDF, 81KB)

Postgraduate Demonstrators (PDF, 82KB)

Medical Sciences Scales

Clinical Academics (PDF, 94KB)

Clinical Consultants (New Contracts) (PDF, 8KB)

Clinical Consultants (Old Contracts) (PDF, 5KB)

Senior Academic GP (PDF, 12KB)

Clinical Research Associates (PDF, 36KB)

Professions Allied to Medicine e.g. Nurses (PDF, 73KB)

Medical Sciences Related

Criteria for Pay Thresholds (PDF, 142KB)

Progression Through Pay Thresholds Form (Word, 19KB)

Mediation and Appeals Framework for Pay Progression (PDF, 219KB)

Obsolete Payscales

Common Payscale 2013 (PDF, 93KB)

National Minimum Wage

from 1st Oct 2013

Age 21 and above £7.07 (£6.31 basic plus 76p holiday pay)
Age 18 - 20 £5.64 (£5.03 basic plus 61p holiday pay)
Age 16 - 17 £4.17 (£3.72 basic plus 45p holiday pay)

All figures are hourly rates.