Internal Moves - Human Resources - Newcastle University

Internal Moves

If you are moving roles within the University you should tell your manager as soon as you have received a firm offer of the new job.

There is more flexibility regarding notice with an internal move; in practice the date of the move is normally agreed following discussion involving the managers concerned. You will receive a formal offer of employment in relation to your new job, from Human Resources. You will need to formally accept this, assuming you intend to take up the offer, as soon as you receive it and prior to commencement.


You will need to complete a Payroll Starters Form if you transfer from a non salaried/casual position to a regular salaried position.

You should not complete a Leaver's Form


You do not need to take all your outstanding holiday entitlement before you leave your present job; any outstanding leave will transfer to your new job.


If you are moving from grades A-E on the common pay spine to a job in grades F-I, you will have some options regarding your pension.

If you are currently a member of the Retirement Benefits Plan (RBP), you may elect to remain in membership of the RBP. If you do make this election, you will not be permitted subsequently to join the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) while you remain an employee of Newcastle University. If you are not currently a member of the RBP or the USS, you will be enrolled into the USS (Career Revalued Benefits Section) unless you are ineligible for membership of the USS. If you are ineligible for membership of the USS you will be assessed for automatic enrolment into the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST).

Further information is available from the Payroll and Pensions Office

I.T. Systems

Your access to the University's IT systems may need to be changed in order to reflect your new job; this should be arranged in conjunction with your new manager. Your old manager is responsible for terminating any access privileges that are no longer appropriate.