Policy for the Recruitment of Temporary/Agency Staff

The University is committed to providing part time employment to our students, helping them earn as they learn while also developing employability skills which will enhance their future career prospects.
As part of this commitment, Jobs On Campus (JobsOC) provides an in-house, not-for-profit recruitment service through which students fill temporary roles. Managed by the Careers Service, JobsOC has been running very successfully since 2011 and provides the University with access to flexible employees through a pre-selected pool of student staff.

• Students recruited to the JobsOC pool undergo a rigorous interview and selection process prior to be matched to work assignments that best meet their skills and experience.
• JobsOC workers are available at short notice for temporary assignments of up to 26 weeks. Students are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week in term time or on a full-time basis in University vacations. Part-time students are eligible to work full time throughout the year.
• JobsOC students can fulfil a range of administrative and operational roles, and can offer a range of skills gained from their studies. Roles offering graduate level work experience may also be eligible for funding from the Careers Service to subsidise the hourly wage.
• JobsOC workers are paid at one of three agreed hourly rates of pay each of which includes holiday pay.

To fill short-term, temporary roles, recruiting departments are required to contact the JobsOC Team in the Careers Service in the first instance. If JobsOC has no appropriate candidates available or cannot meet your recruitment timescale, recruiting managers should then follow the guidelines available from Procurement Services to engage external agency staff.

While there is no overhead cost to use JobsOC, external agencies will charge full commercial rates.

Full information on pay rates, booking processes, terms and conditions and frequently asked questions are available on the JobsOC webpages.