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  • Academic connections are poetry in motion

    A poet is writing to a different beat as she takes inspiration from the police force to mark new approaches to academic research.

    published on: 30 November 2016

  • Lighting the fuse for creative talent in the North East

    A £4m project which will unlock the potential of the North East’s creative, digital and IT (CDIT) sector will be officially launched this week.

    published on: 28 November 2016

  • Students take on global research issues

    The achievements of Newcastle University's Research & Expedition Scholarship students are being recognised at a special event this evening.

    published on: 23 November 2016

  • Closing the education gap

    SOLE Central is linking up to carry out research with Hello Hubs - a project Professor Sugata Mitra likens to 'the grandchild of the original Hole in the Wall'.

    published on: 17 November 2016

  • Dr Martin Beattie stands outside the Tyne Bridge's North tower
    Scaling the heights of the Tyne Bridge

    Its exterior is Tyneside’s most iconic image – but what does the Tyne Bridge look like on the inside?

    published on: 14 November 2016

  • Children from Christchurch school
    Newcastle to celebrate King’s legacy

    Schools, community groups and academics will join forces with international artists, musicians and filmmakers for a city-wide commemoration of Dr Martin Luther King.

    published on: 14 November 2016

  • Comment: Johsua Jowitt gives a legal perspective on the US election

    Johsua Jowitt, Teaching Fellow at Newcastle University Law School, looks at the effects Trump's victory could have the legal landscape of the US.

    published on: 11 November 2016

  • USA flag
    US Election: Comment and analysis

    Following the result of the US election, our experts give their views on the US election and what Trump’s win means.

    published on: 9 November 2016