Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

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Sue Mitchell

Research Funding Development Manager



As Research Funding Development Manager (RFDM), my role is to support academic staff in obtaining funding for their research, in particular from UK Research Councils. I provide:

  • research funding intelligence;
  • targeted support for strategic research activities;
  • institutional links to research funders;
  • facilitation for collaboration across the University and with other institutions;
  • visits from funding bodies;
  • advice on preparing grant applications.

Please do contact me if you think I can help in any way with your research funding, or if you are interested in applying to a call that has limited application numbers per University.


Sue completed a BSc in Sociology and Social Research as a mature student at the University of Northumbria during the period 1992-1996 and while juggling a young family and part-time employment with the Office of National Statistics. In October 1996 she took up her first post at Newcastle University as a Junior Research Associate in the Newcastle Centre for Family Studies. In 1998 she completed an MSc with distinction in Social Research from the University of Northumbria with a dissertation in Relationship Education in Schools. In 1999 she earned a promotion to Research Associate and worked on a large research project funded by the Lord Chancellor's Department and took specific responsibility for three areas of research, conducting in-depth interviews with both members of the public and professionals.

From 2000 until 2004 Sue combined her appointment as an RA with that of being Centre Co-ordinator and taking on a more administrative role within the Centre including bid development. She moved into full-time administration firstly in 2004, gaining an Assistant Grants and Contracts post in the SAgE grants and contracts team and more recently back in HaSS as Grants and Contracts Officer. Sue is very happy to be back in HaSS and using her Social Science background combined with her extensive administrative skills to support HaSS academics in identifying research opportunities, developing high quality applications and helping to raise research income for HaSS and the wider University.