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Past Projects

Over the past few years, the Faculty has assisted a huge variety of organisations in fulfilling their goals. This is just a taste of what we've done.

Developing people

  • Our Business School's Executive MBA is internationally respected. Numerous organisations have sponsored employees, to allow them to develop into high level management roles.
  • The School of English has had huge success in developing skills to promote creative writing in primary school teachers.
  • The North Leadership Centre has developed bespoke training programmes for team leaders from a wide variety of businesses.

Knowledge transfer

  • This Government Scheme (Funding Bodies provide up to 66% of the costs), has allowed our School of Geography Politics and Sociology to create a knowledge-base of public confidence in the Criminal Justice System, with the Crown Prosecution Service Northumbria.
  • We have also seen our School of Education assisting the Tyne and Wear Autistic Society to develop a more person-focus culture in the way that they operate.
  • Find out more about Knowledge transfer.


Resources hire

  • Culture Lab, which provides digital solutions to cultural problems, is opening up its state of the art motion capture facility for local organisations.