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Your Opinion Matters

This is just a selection of issues raised in various feedback exercises across the Faculty: from end of module questionnaires to the Postgraduate Research Experience Surveys (PRES) and the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES). These allow the faculty to have a wide and detailed picture of student attitudes and needs and contribute to inform the decision making process across the Institution.
The Postgraduate Dean and his team hold annual Supervisory Updating Meetings with schools in the Faculty where student feedback is discussed and suggestions are made as to how better respond to the issues it raises. Furthermore this year an internal “Changing Nature of the British Doctorate” conference was organised to disseminate good practice and enhance supervisory experiences.
We really value your comments so, please, keep on talking to us, via formal feedback forms, email, Twitter or in person and we will make sure that we keep your Faculty current, updated and user friendly.

More teaching opportunities for PGRs

  1. Schools can now nominate students to attend the “Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education” even if they do not have a teaching contract
  2. Mentoring opportunities are offered to all students to acquire important experience
  3. FRTP employs PGRs widely in all sorts of capacity: from presentations to small group moderation
  4. Jobs opportunities are more widely publicised now via Twitter
  5. More Teaching assistants on Nature of Explanation & Enquiry

Mentoring available at arrival

  1. An extra Mentor training session will be scheduled for the summer, while all 1st year PhDs will get the opportunity to request a mentor at Induction week.

Highlights from individual responses to feedback at school level

  1. SELLS new PGR suite
  2. SML a new PG common space  is planned
  3. APL  new hot-desking space for part-time students
  4. SACS tailor made session on career advice
  5. ECLS  monthly “get together” session to foster informal communication among staff and PGRs
  6. GPS new school workshop on how to apply for an academic job
  7. SHS  PG Forum lunchtime seminar series
  8. LAW SCHOOL  New tailor-made research methods module
  9. BUSINESS SCHOOL  changes in the structure of student representation

Faculty Research Training Programme

  1. More option available in specialised fields
  2.  NICER Knowledge session for employment related training.
  3. Increased number of Recap sessions
  4. Introduction of PG Certificate in Research training