Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences



A vibrant, well-founded, and internationally prominent community of researchers.

Our activities span a broad range of subject areas, and we have significant expertise in areas such as:

  • understanding people
  • place and space
  • culture and heritage
  • identity and difference
  • organisation and economies
  • professional practice

We also possess strengths in:

  • language sciences and communication
  • governance and regulation
  • ethics and conflict
  • risk and innovation
  • security and justice
  • creativity and performance

We pride ourselves on understanding of knowledge and learning.

Our strengths in each area embrace diverse methodologies, historical and global contexts. We have a clear orientation to understanding future challenges to individual and societal wellbeing.


A great deal of our work is based on innovative (often multi-disciplinary) collaborations between colleagues at Newcastle or with colleagues at other institutions.

We support our research through the activities of a number of research centres and research groups.

Research quality

The quality of our research is evidenced in the regular awards of peer-reviewed research funding and through the positive outcomes of the 2014 REF.

We seek to develop close synergies between the expertise of our staff and the demand for this expertise beyond the University and academic world.

A great deal of our research has had substantial impact on a wide range of user communities in the UK and internationally.

A substantial tranche of our research is carried out in partnership with external organisations who will be the direct beneficiaries.

The Faculty has made a very significant contribution to the University's societal challenge theme programme, and led on the theme of social renewal for the University.