Institute for Ageing & Health

Newcastle Initiative on Changing Age

The Newcastle Initiative on Changing Age (NICA) aims to address the opportunities and challenges presented by an ageing population.

NICA is building on Newcastle University's strong international profile in ageing by highlighting research excellence in this field.

In line with the University’s civic agenda, NICA also seeks to maximise the social and economic impact of the University’s work on ageing through its research, teaching and engagement activity in order to deliver tangible benefits to society.

The Institute for Ageing and Health's pioneering work in bringing together researchers from disparate backgrounds to address innovative research in the field of ageing was the inspiration for this societal challenge theme. Much of the early research and engagement activity within the theme was initiated and developed under the auspices of the Institute.

The majority of research undertaken by the Institute continues to contribute strongly to the Newcastle Initiative on Changing Age. In particular, the Institute contributes to the Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre in Ageing and Chronic Disease and leads the following ageing related research centres and specialist units: