Mitochondrial Research

In January 2012 the Wellcome Trust announced the establishment of a new Centre for Mitochondrial Research at Newcastle University. This Wellcome Trust Centre aims to establish a world-leading Centre dedicated to the biology of mitochondria in health and disease and so make a major difference to the lives of patients with disease caused by mitochondrial dysfunction. The mitochondrial research group in Newcastle has had a long tradition of integrating international quality research with the training of excellent young scientists, and more recently of engaging with policymakers, our patients and the public.

Mitochondrial dysfunction can cause multisystem disease, it has been linked to common degenerative disorders and the process of ageing. Our research here in Newcastle brings together ground-breaking laboratory studies with clinical research to understand the fundamental mechanisms and genetics of mitochondrial function in health and disease with a view to treatment and improving the lives of patients suffering from mitochondrial disorders.

The research areas of the principal investigators reflect the clinical, diagnostic and pure science backgrounds that makes this grouping a successful and synergistic combination. The projects cover a wide breadth of activity spanning bench to bedside and back again with the study of fundamental molecular mechanisms relevant to all cells to diagnosis of the pathogenesis in specific brain, nerve, eye or other cells with a longer term view to generating therapies or treatments.

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