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Laboratory Apparatus with Incubator (2010)

Inventor(s): Herbert M, Fenwick J, Harbottle S, Walker J

  • : Laboratory Apparatus with Incubator

Abstract: Laboratory apparatus comprises at least one cabinet; at least one incubator; at least one transfer hatch; and means for circulating air within the apparatus, wherein the at least one cabinet is connected to an incubator and a transfer hatch; wherein the at least one incubator comprises at least two discrete compartments each accessible by independent openings; and wherein the apparatus is substantially sealed against exchange of air between the cabinet and the external environment.

  • Short Title: Laboratory Apparatus with Incubator
  • Date: 18/11/2010
  • Application Number: 12/083996
  • Pages: 10
  • Assignee: NHS Innovations
  • Publication type: Patent
  • Bibliographic status: Published

Professor Mary Herbert
Professor of Reproductive Biology