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Cytochrome c oxidase-intermediate fibres: Importance in understanding the pathogenesis and treatment of mitochondrial myopathy (2012)

Author(s): Murphy JL, Ratnaike TE, Shang ES, Falkous G, Blakely EL, Alston CL, Taivassalo T, Haller RG, Taylor RW, Turnbull DM

      • Date: 01-08-2012
      • Journal: Neuromuscular Disorders
      • Volume: 22
      • Issue: 8
      • Pages: 690-698
      • Publisher: Elsevier Ltd
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Keywords: Mitochondrial myopathy mtDNA cytochrome c oxidase enzyme histochemistry REAL-TIME PCR DNA MUTATIONS INDIVIDUAL CELLS MUSCLE-FIBERS DELETIONS DISEASE SINGLE DEFICIENCY DIAGNOSIS


      Gavin Falkous
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      Dr Julie Murphy
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      Professor Robert Taylor
      Professor of Mitochondrial Pathology

      Professor Doug Turnbull
      Professor of Neurology