Full staff list including affiliate staff from other Newcastle University Faculties and Institutes

A To Z

Michael Adams
Research Support Secretary (PA to Prof Helen Rodgers)

Professor Ashley Adamson
Prof of Public Health Nutrition

Professor Avan Aihie Sayer
Prof of Geriatric Epidemiology

Dr Lisa Alcock
Research Associate

Tracy Alder
NBTR Technician

Dr Louise Allan
Clinical Senior Lecturer/ Consultant

Rhys Anderson
Research Technician

Dr Terry Aspray
Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

Professor Johannes Attems
Professor of Neuropathology, Honorary Consultant Pathologist

Claire Bamford
Senior Research Associate

Dr Robert Barber
Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

Nicola Barnett
Research Nurse

Michelle Barr
PA to Professor John Mathers, Lead Secretary for the HNRC

Dr Gillian Barry
Research Associate

Karen Baty
Mitochondrial Diagnostic Technician

Kris Beicher
DeNDRoN MIS Analyst

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 1346

Emma Bennison
Trainee Technician

Professor Andrew Blamire
Professor of Magnetic Resonance Physics

Professor John Bond
Prof of Social Gerontology and Health Services Research

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 6777

Lianne Brkic
Associate Researcher

Dr Francesco Bruni
Scientific Officer

Professor David Burn
IAH Director & Professor of Movement Disorder Neurology

Dr Emma Burton
Research Associate

Dr Lyndsey Butterworth
Research Associate

Dr Bernadette Carroll
Research Associate

Professor Mike Catt
Professor of Practice in Translational Age Research

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 1217

Dr Carlos Celis Morales
Research Associate

Professor Patrick Chinnery
Wellcome Senior Fellow in Clinical Science, Professor of Neurogenetics and Honorary Consultant

Professor Zofia Chrzanowska-Lightowlers
Professor of Mitochondrial Biology

Sanchia Coatsworth
Project Administrator

Dr Joanna Collerton
Principal Clinical Research Associate

Dr Sean Colloby
Research Associate

Jonathan Convery
Information Systems Analyst

Daniel Cooney
Research Technician

Dr Adela Cora
Clinical Research Associate

Dr Lucinda Craggs
Research Associate

Stephanie Currer
Research Portfolio Co-ordinator

Dr Charles Dafe
Clinical Research Associate

Dr Piero Dalle Pezze
Research Associate (Modeller)

Karen Davies
Senior Clinical Research Nurse Manager

Dr Silvia Del Din
Research Associate

Sharon Denley
Research Administrator

Marian Dent

Dr Paul Donaghy
Clinical Research Associate

Kimberley Down
DeNDRoN Administrator/PA

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 1313

Sam Drain

Professor Martin Eccles
Professor of Clinical Effectiveness

Rebecca Edgeworth
Portfolio and Communications Assistant

Professor Jim Edwardson
Professor of Neuroendocrinology

Greg Elder
Research Assistant

Dr Victoria Ewan
Clinical Research Associate

Gavin Falkous
Guest Status

Professor Nicol Ferrier
Professor of Psychiatry

Dr Michael Firbank
Visiting Researcher

Professor Gary Ford

Sharon Foster
NBTR Technician

Tony Fouweather
Research Associate

Dr James Frith
Associate Clinical Lecturer

Dr Brook Galna
Research Associate

Hazel Glass
Administrator (CBAV)

Dr Alan Godfrey
Research Associate (Movement Science)

Dr Grainne Gorman
Biomedical Research Centre Fellow

Dr Laura Greaves
Research Associate

Dr Anne Gruenewald
Visiting Researcher

Dr Lesley Hall
Non-Commercial Portfolio Manager - DeNDRoN

Roslyn Hall

Anne Harrison
Research Support Secretary

Lona Hawdon
PA to Director

Beckie Hedley
Secretary - Education & Training

Philippa Hepplewhite

Professor Mary Herbert
Professor of Reproductive Biology

Professor John Edward Hesketh
Professor of Mammalian Molecular Biology

Dr Kate Hickman
Guest Status

Dr Carolyn Horrocks
Assistant Portfolio Manager

Professor Julian Hughes
Honorary Professor of Philosophy of Ageing and Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry

Professor Carol Jagger
AXA Prof of Epidemiology of Ageing

Dr Djordje Jakovljevic
Senior Research Fellow (Cardiovascular Physiology)

Dr Mark Jarvis
NIHR Biomedical Research Centre & Unit Manager

Mary Johnson
Technician (Research)

Dr Fionnuala Johnston
Clinical Research Associate

Debra Jones

Zena Jones
Patient Carer Involvement Manager

Dr Diana Jurk
Research Associate

Professor Raj Kalaria
Professor of Cerebrovascular Pathology (Neuropathology)

Seamus Kelly
Consultant/Senior Lecturer

Dr Ahmad Khundakar
Research Associate

Alison Killen
Research Assistant

Andrew Kingston
Research Assistant

Professor Thomas Kirkwood CBE
Associate Dean for Ageing

Claire Kolenda
Research Technician

Dr Viktor Korolchuk
Lecturer in Neurobiology of Ageing

Dr Jose Lara-Gallegos
Research Associate

Rachael Lawson
Research Assistant

Dr Nichola Lax
Research Associate

Debbie Lett
NBTR Manager

Dr Lisa Lister
Research Associate

Deborah Little
IAH Secretary

Sine Littlewood
Asst Director, NIHR Stroke Research Network

Stephen Lloyd
Computing Officer

Dr Susan Lord
Senior Research Fellow

Miriam Lowes
Administrator (BRC)

Dr Laura Maringele
Wellcome Trust CD Fellow

Dr Carmen Martin-Ruiz
Senior Research Associate

Professor John Mathers
Professor of Human Nutrition

Anne Maule
Programme Secretary, DIAMOND-Lewy

Dr Bobby McFarland
DoH/HEFCE Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant Paediatric Neurologist

Professor Ian McKeith
Professor of Old Age Psychiatry

Dr Aicha Metchat
Research Associate

Dadirayi Mhiripiri
Research Physiotherapist

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 1282

Dr Satomi Miwa
Research Associate

Maria Monteiro

Dr Christopher Morris
Senior Lecturer

Rosie Morris
Research Assistant

Professor Paula Moynihan
Prof of Nutrition & Oral Health

Dr Elizabeta Mukaetova-Ladinska
Clinical Senior Lecturer/Consultant

Dr Julie Murphy
Research Associate

Karen Myers
Business Manager

Dr Glyn Nelson
Senior Research Associate

Dr Gary Nestor
DeNDRoN Coordinating Centre General Manager

Professor Julia Newton
Dean for Clinical Medicine and Clinical Professor of Ageing and Medicine

Bob Nicholson
Technical Manager

Professor John O'Brien
Strategic Research Adviser

Arthur Oakley
Senior Research Associate

Dr Clio Oggioni
Associate Clinical Researcher

Professor Patrick Olivier
Prof of Human-Computer Interaction

Kirsty Olsen
Assistant Psychologist

Daniel Padgett
Institute Technician

Dr Craig Parker
Research Technician

Professor Stuart Parker
Wm Leech Prof of Geriatric Medicine

Dr Steve Parry
Clinical Senior Lecturer/Consultant

Dr Joao Passos
BBSRC Research Fellow

Lynn Patterson
Institute Manager

Ruth Pearce
Research Assistant

Dr Luis Peraza Rodriguez
Research Associate

Professor Elaine Perry
Professor of Neurochemical Pathology

Professor Marion Petrie
Professor of Behavioural Ecology

Dr Margaret Piggott
DeNDRoN Data Manager and Public-Patient Involvement Coordinator

Dr Tuomo Polvikoski
Clinical Senior Lecturer/Consultant

Dr Christopher Price
Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

Jacqueline Price
Research Assistant

Carol Pringle
Reception Secretary

Dr Carole Proctor

Dr Amy Reeve
Research Associate

Julia Richard
Central Services Assistant

Lisa Richardson
Clerical Assistant

Susan Richardson
Research Nurse

Lucie Robinson
Research Portfolio Administrator

Professor Louise Robinson
Director, Newcastle University Institute for Ageing; Professor of Primary Care and Ageing

Professor Lynn Rochester
Prof of Human Movement Science

Professor Helen Rodgers
Clin Prof of Stroke Care

Piera Rumney
Data Management Officer

Dr Karolina Rygiel
Research Associate

Dr Gabriele Saretzki

Dr Filippo Scialo
Research Associate

Dr Daryl Shanley
Senior Lecturer

Dr Lisa Shaw
Senior Research Associate

Dr Mario Siervo
Lecturer in Nutrition & Ageing

Nikki Skelton
DeNDRoN Portfolio Administrator

Janet Slade
Research Technician

Sam Smails
Computing Technician

Anna Smith
Research Technician

Joanna Spencer
PR & Comms Manager

Dr Alison Spilsbury
Research Associate

Sam Stuart
Research Assistant

Dr John-Paul Taylor
Clinical Senior Lecturer/Consultant

Professor Robert Taylor
Professor of Mitochondrial Pathology

Dr Andrew Teodorczuk
Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist and Honorary Senior Lecturer

Professor Alan Thomas
Professor of Old Age Psychiatry

Dr Ellen Tullo
Speciality Area: Geriatrics, Medical Education

Dr Helen Tuppen
Research Associate (Scientific Officer)

Professor Doug Turnbull
Professor of Neurology

Dr Emma Vardy
Clinical Senior Lecturer/Consultant

Professor Thomas von Zglinicki
Professor of Cellular Gerontology

Helen Walker
STRIDE Project Secretary

Claire Wallace-Watson
PCPI & Communications Assistant

Sally Warburton
Secretary (Clinical)

David Weddell
Portfolio Assistant

Professor Phil White
Professor of Interventional and Diagnostic Neuroradiology

Michelle Widdrington
Autopsy Liaison Nurse

Professor David Williams
Visiting Professor

Dr Naomi Willis
Research Associate

Denise Wilson
DeNDRoN Pre-application Support Manager

Dr Barbara Wilson
Guest Status

Dr Pia Wohland
Senior Research Associate

Dr Long Xie

Dr Alison Yarnall
Clinical Research Fellow