Dr Ellen Tullo
Speciality Area: Geriatrics, Medical Education

I graduated from Newcastle Medical School in 2004 and spent one year in clinical training before completing a Postgraduate MA in the History of Medicine. At this time I became increasingly involved in undergraduate teaching at the Medical School including medical ethics, communication skills and professional development.


Once back in clinical training, I made the decision to specialise in geriatric medicine however, missing academic work, I applied for and was granted a 3-year NIHR clinical fellowship in geriatrics. I pursued my interest in medical education, researching potential strategies to improve undergraduate medical education about dementia, a hitherto under-researched and under-resourced area. I completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Education in 2012.


I now work as a teaching and research fellow at Newcastle NIHR Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) in Ageing and Chronic Disease, and am involved with a number of projects aiming to improve education and training about ageing in its broadest context. I am concurrently pursuing a PhD exploring the ways in which medical students interact with people with dementia, and the associated ethical challenges that may arise.


My University role combines research and teaching, and my key research focus is on improving medical education about dementia.

My current teaching responsibilities include:

  • Module lead, Clinical Research with Older People module (PG Diploma in Clinical Research)
  • Module lead, NU-AGE (Newcastle Ageing Generations Education) pilot module
  • Sessional tutor in medical ethics and professionalism, Newcastle Medical School
  • Clinical teaching sessions at Newcastle NHS Trust

Im am interested in involving members of the public in University teaching, and have worked with "Voice North" on a number of initiatives to increase the level of public involvement in the courses that I teach.