Dr Catherine Arden
Newcastle University Research Fellow

  • Email: catherine.arden@ncl.ac.uk
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 3868
  • Address: Institute of Cellular Medicine
    4th Floor William Leech Building
    The Medical School
    Newcastle University
    Newcastle Upon Tyne
    NE2 4HH


PhD - Newcastle University, UK
BSc(hons) - Hull University, UK


Diabetes UK
Biochemical Society
European Association for the Study of Diabetes

Research Interests

My main area of research is aimed at understanding the regulation of glucose metabolism in the pancreatic beta-cell and its relationship to the secretion of insulin by these cells. A significant focus is understanding the cellular regulatory mechanisms of the glucose sensor enzyme glucokinase. Mutations in the glucokinase gene are associated with diabetes (GCK-MODY) and hypoglycaemia. I am using these mutations as a resource to understand the cellular regulation of glucokinase.

Other Expertise

Development of novel methods for detecting protein-protein interactions
Expression of glucokinase in other tissues
Glucose-regulated gene expression

Postgraduate Supervision

I currently co-supervise 3 PhD students and 1 MPhil student.

Esteem Indicators

  • Diabetes UK RD Lawrence Fellowship
  • EFSD Albert Renold Travel Fellowship
  • EMBO Short-Term Travel Fellowship
  • Innovators in Diabetes (iDia) programme recipient


I currently recieve funding from:
Diabetes UK
Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation