Dr Louise Reynard
Senior Research Associate

Louise Reynard graduated from the University of Cambridge with a MA Cantab in Natural Sciences, specialising in Genetics. She completed her PhD studies in Developmental Genetics at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research. Louise joined Newcastle University in 2009 when she began her postdoctoral training with Professor John Loughlin. She has now been promoted to Research Fellow status

Dr Reynard’s research is focused on the functional characterisation of OA susceptibility loci that have been identified by the arcOGEN consortium. Elucidating the molecular mechanisms that underlie the susceptibility mediated by these genes will increase our understanding of OA etiology, potentially aid diagnosis and treatment, and will suggest relevant targets for therapeutic investigation. Louise is also interested in the molecular interplay between genetics and epigenetics in OA susceptibility, in particular, how DNA methylation can modulate the effect of genetic variation on disease penetrance and severity. She is currently looking at the effect DNA methylation has on the expression of the OA susceptibility gene GDF5 in different synovial joint tissues.

As a STEMNET Ambassador, Louise has spoken about her research at several public events including two events at the Centre for Life museum in Newcastle organised by the Xplore Health consortium funded by the European commission. She supervises several PhD students and postdoctoral scientists within Professor Loughlin’s group. Louise’s research is funded by Arthritis Research UK, the Dr William Harker Foundation, and the JGW Patterson Foundation. She is a member of the MRC-ARUK Centre for Integrated Research into Musculoskeletal Ageing and of the European Commission FP7 D-Board consortium that aims to identify and validate novel biomarkers of OA.