Institute of Cellular Medicine

Staff Profile

Dr Mario Abinun

Associate Lecturer


Consultant in Paediatric Immunology, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS FT

Honorary Clinical Senior Lcturer, Primary Immunodeficiency Group, ICM, Newcastle university


Graduated from the Medical School, University of Sarajevo (MD 1976). Trained in Medical Genetics (1978-80) and Paediatrics (1979-83), Medical School, University of Belgrade (Paediatrics Board Exam 1983; MSc 1988). British Council/WHO Visiting Fellowship in Paediatric Immunology, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Institute of Child Health, London (1986).

Consultant in Paediatric Immunology (1987) and Head, Department of Clinical Paediatric Immunology, Mother and Child Health Institute, Belgrade (1989-1992); Assistant Professor of Paediatrics, Medical School, University of Belgrade (1991-1992).

Jointly with Desa Lilic (wife;, leading the team performing the first T cell depleted (haploidenntical) BMT for SCID in Yugoslavia (1990).

Moved to Newcastle, Supra-regional BMT Unit for SCID/primary immunodeficiencies (1992). DSc (PhD) 1996, Med. School, Univ. Belgrade; FRCPCH 1997; FRCP 2004.



Research Interests

Primary Immunodeficiencies (PID)
Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT)
Paediatric Rheumatology/Autoimmune Disorders

Other Expertise

Paediatric Infectious Diseases
Allergic disoders in children

Current Work

1/ Long-term outcome: HSCT for children with primary immunodeficiency
2/ Long-term outcome: Autologous T cell depleted HSCT for children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)
3/ Immunodeficiency resulting from mutations of NEMO gene: genotype-phenotype correlations
4/ Autosomal recessive juvenile osteopetrosis: genotype-phenotype correlations

Future Research

To contiune with current projects/collaboration.

Research Roles

Collaborator in multi-centre, national and international projects; planning, supervising and data evaluation; writing papers.

Postgraduate Supervision

Clinical research, MD theses, projects, etc.

Esteem Indicators

Chairman, Working Party for Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation and Gene Therapy, European Society for Primary Immunodeficiencies -ESID (2004-) []


Undergraduate Teaching

Immunology and (paediatric) infectious diseases (MBBS; SSC/Option students).

Postgraduate Teaching

Paediatric immunology and rheumatology (RCPCH; RCP; RCPath).