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Dermatological Sciences

The Dermatological Sciences research group encompasses the full spectrum of translational research from basic cell biology through to disease models and applied clinical studies. Our focus is towards inflammatory skin disease, melanoma and non melanoma skin cancers and ageing. Our combined expertise and international collaborations (with both the academic and industrial sector) allows us to deliver increase understanding, management for patients with life ruining inflammatory skin disease and life-threatening skin cancers with improved healthcare.

We have a strong commitment to training initiatives and  encourage imaginative and multidisciplinary approaches. We have particular expertise in translational medicine, cell signalling, stem cell biology, skin immunology, UV irradiation and mitochondrial function and foster a vibrant, interactive and collaborative environment as evidenced by multiple joint grants, joint supervision of research students and scientific publications. We also encourage relevant commercialisation of our research through both consultancy and knowledge transfer partnerships and promote public engagement in science through fund-raising and educational events with the interaction of local patient groups and national charities. Our research benefits from strong links with the NHS and Newcastle Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the engagement of the clinical dermatology department at the Royal Victoria Infirmary

Key Research Themes:

  • Molecular and systems biology and signalling mechanisms in the pathogenesis of inflammatory skin disease, cancer and ageing
  • Stratified medicine, biomarker and drug development [PSORT]
  • Physiological and pathological cell signalling induced by ultraviolet radiation, wounding/mechanical stress and genetic mutation
  • Stem cell research in the epidermis, non-melanoma and melanoma skin cancers

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