Institute of Genetic Medicine



Our research group use complementary approaches to understand cardiovascular disease.

We look at whole life from in utero to the elderly, with a shared aim of:

  • understanding pathogenesis
  • decreasing prevalence
  • improving management

Our research work encompasses three principal areas of investigation into the impact and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

These principle areas are: 

We treat suitable patients with left ventricular assist devices. These act as a bridge to transplantation or in certain cases can help recovery.
We treat suitable patients with left ventricular assist devices.

Further information

For more details of our research work, please visit the Cardiovascular Research Centre website.

Principle investigators

Dr Lyle Armstong - modelling cardiac developmental disease with pluripotent stem cells
Dr Helen Arthur - role of TGFB receptors in cardiovascular development and disease
Dr Simon Bamforth - genetics of cardiovascular development
Dr Bill Chaudhry - physical and genetic aspects of cardiac morphogenesis
Professor Deborah Henderson - morphogenetics of heart development
Dr Gavin Richardson - myocardial revitalisation
Professor Majlinda Lako - pluripotent stem cell biology and differentiation
Dr Guy MacGowan - MR studies of age-related changes in cardiac function and energetics, cardiomyopathy and heart failure
Dr Annette Meeson - stem cells in cardiac development and regeneration
Dr Andrew Owens - the identification of native cardiac stem cells and their role in development and disease
Dr Helen Phillips - role of rho kinase in ventricular development and adult heart disease
Professor Ioakim Spyridopoulos - finding how ageing of stem cells and the immune system affect cardiovascular disease