Developmental Genetics and Gene Expression

Developmental genetics research programmes include studying features of human embryonic stem cells and pluripotency (described within our Stem Cell Biology and Cellular Therapy research pages) and various facets of embryonic and fetal developmental genetics, developmental gene regulation and developmental gene expression that we mostly describe in this section (but see also our Cardiovascular Genetics research pages for some additional projects investigating heart development).

Much of our research focuses on mammalian developmental genetics. Our institute, together with the Institute of Child Health, University College London hosts the MRC-Wellcome Human Developmental Biology Resource and there are associated pioneering research programmes on analysing high resolution gene expression patterns in early human development.

We construct and use mouse and zebrafish models to replicate human phenotypes for various genetic disorders and to study gene function. Molecular genetic and cell biology studies of how genes are normally regulated during development and how they work in disease states is a primary focus of many of our research projects.

Key researchers