Novel POLG1 mutations associated with neuromuscular and liver phenotypes in adults and children. (2008)

Author(s): Stewart JD, Tennant S, Powell H, Pyle A, Blakeley EL, He L, Hudson G, Roberts M, du Plessis D, Gow D, Mewasingh LD, Hanna MG, Omer S, Morris AAM, Roxburgh R, Livingston J, McFarland R, Turnbull DM, Chinnery PF, Taylor RW

      • Journal: Journal of Medical Genetics
      • Volume: 46
      • Issue: 3
      • Pages: 209-214
      • Publisher: BMJ Group
      • Publication type: Article
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Dr Gavin Hudson
      Research Fellow