Guidelines for the clinical management of Lynch syndrome (hereditary non-polyposis cancer) (2007)

Author(s): Vasen HFA, Moslein G, Alonso A, Bernstein I, Bertario L, Blanco I, Burn J, Capella G, Engel C, Frayling I, Friedl W, Hes FJ, Hodgson S, Mecklin J-P, Moller P, Nagengast F, Parc Y, Renkonen-Sinisalo L, Sampson JR, Stormorken A, Wijnen J

      • Journal: Journal of Medical Genetics
      • Volume: 44
      • Issue: 6
      • Pages: 353-362
      • Publication type: Review
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Professor Sir John Burn
      Professor of Clinical Genetics