Professor Sir John Burn
Professor of Clinical Genetics

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  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 241 8734
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  • Address: Institute of Genetic Medicine
    International Centre for Life
    Central Parkway
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE1 3BZ

Professor of Clinical Genetics, Newcastle University

Knighted for services to Medicine and Healthcare in 2010

Chief Investigator of the International Cancer Prevention Programme (CAPP)

Honorary Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Lead Clinician NHS North East until March 2013

Non-executive director to NHS England and Deputy Chair to the Specialist Commissioning Committee of NHS England

Chair to Genetics Speciality Group, (NIHR and Dept of Health)

Director of the Collaborative Group on Genetics in Healthcare (NIHR and Dept of Health)

Co-Chair to the UK Rare Diseases Register and Genomics Databases Advisory Group (Dept of Health)

Co-Chair, Scientific Advisory Board to the Human Variome Project and Company Board Member of HVP International (Melbourne) a not-for profit holding company. HVP is a recognised NGO of UNESCO

Co-chair to the BRCA Challenge of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH)

Chairman of QuantuMDx Ltd 

Medical Director of Northgene

Member to Genomics England (Science Committee), DDD Project (Steering Committee), Health Education England (Sanger Centre Genomics Committee) and National Institute Cancer Research (Prevention Committee)

Chosen by the people of Newcastle to be one of 20 “local heroes” from the last 60 years to be recognized with a brass plaque on Newcastle Quayside

PA: Amy McAllister or 0191 241 8794

I now have two major areas of research:  The CAPP programme has now succeeded in establishing that aspirin significantly reduces the risk of cancer in people with Lynch syndrome, the major form of hereditary colorectal cancer.  We are now poised to transform the clinical management of cancer in all people with a family history. The CaPP3 trial, a dose non-inferiority study to determine the optimal dose of aspirin for cancer chemoprevention in Lynch Syndrome, is now open and recruiting. We are also exploring the development of a cell based vaccine focused on the frameshift proteins resulting from slippage in microsatellites in these tumours.

The second major direction will be to develop a new technology in genotyping and gene sequencing using the concept of using nanowires to detect the electrical impedance changes associated with nucleotide binding.  Our start-up company, QuantuMDx Ltd has received second round funding and now holds a world exclusive licence for any diagnostic use of nanowires, nanotubes or nanoribbons. 

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