Athena Swan Silver Award

Athena SWAN

Newcastle University was awarded the Athena SWAN (Scientific Women's Academic Network) bronze award in 2009 (Equality and Diversity - Athena Swan ). IHS is committed to providing a good working environment for its staff and has attained or is working to attain the 6 Charter Principles (Equality Challenge Unit).

athena swan logoIn 2011 this commitment was endorsed with a silver Athena SWAN award. This national award recognises good employment practice and the promotion of women working in science, engineering and technology. This level of award particulary acknowledges significant and sustained progression and achievement in promoting gender equality. IHS is the first academic department at Newcastle University to achieve this status.


Membership of the Athena SWAN Steering Group:

Prof. Judith Rankin - Academic lead

Gill Paczynski - Administrative lead/Institute Manager

Katherine Jackson - NIHR Training Research Fellow

Prof. Eileen Kaner - Institute Director

Dr Tim Rapley - Lecturer

Dr Jane Salotti - Research Associate

Rebecca Say - NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow

Anita Tibbs - Administrator

Mary Webster - PhD Student

Paul Whybrow - Research Associate


Athena SWAN enquiries please email: Anita Tibbs.


@Athena_SWAN on twitter: Athena Swan twitter page