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We engage with patients, the public and the community at all stages of our research process.

We engage with patients, the public and the wider community through a range of activities.

We're committed to promoting health and wellbeing, and to ensuring that our work is relevant to a wide cross-section of society. 

To achieve these aims, we work with and for:

  • members of the public
  • health and medical practitioners
  • community partners such as Healthwatch, Advocacy North, Moving Forward and the Health and Race Equality Forum (HAREF)
  • larger organisations such as NHS England, regional NHS Foundation Hospital Trusts, the North East and North Cumbria Academic Health Science Network and the Local Authority

Our staff engage with the wider community through activities such as:

  • World Café discussions
  • town hall debates
  • newspaper features
  • TV documentaries

Our research regularly features in the local and national news. Listen to Tom Grew's account of being involved in our research.

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*Photo courtesy of Frank Bruno ( Frank Bruno MBE visited IHS on 2nd Sep 2014 to contribute to a film about depression and shared decision making, which was developed by Dr Darren Flynn in partnership with service users from a local mental health charity (Moving Forward Service Newcastle). 

Boxer Frank Bruno attends an engagement event.
Boxer Frank Bruno attends an outreach event.*