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Living – and thriving – in very old age

Professor Carol Jagger and Professor Thomas Scharf recently contributed to The Observer's article on "Britons at 90: healthier, wiser, more independent – but it helps if you’re rich”.

published on: 25th April 2016

Loneliness and the increase risk of heart disease and stroke

Professor Barbara Hanratty talks about a study which shows that loneliness can increase risk of heart disease and strokes.

published on: 22nd April 2016

Dementia incidence for over 65s has fallen drastically in UK men

Fiona Matthews, Professor of Epidemiology, is quoted in two articles relating to a study led by Newcastle University and the University of Cambridge which revealed that there is an estimated 40,000 fewer cases of dementia than previously predicted.


published on: 22nd April 2016

Professor Thomas Scharf discusses what we can learn from people over 90

Professor Thomas Scharf contributes to BBC Radio 4's You and Yours Programme by emphasising the contributions made by people aged 90 and over to families, communities, and society.

published on: 22nd April 2016

Bad maths skills 'fuelling obesity'

Three-quarters of adults can’t work out how much sugar they are meant to consume

published on: 14th April 2016

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