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Want to reach 90? It's all down to lifestyle

A feature about the lifestyle of people over 90 highlights a study, led by Professor Carol Jagger, which shows that many people over 95 are independent and doing well.

published on: 31st May 2016

thumbnail ThinkSAFE endorsed nationally

A recent significant development is the endorsement of ThinkSAFE by the national NHS England Sign up to Safety Campaign.

published on: 31st May 2016

Dementia and the importance of a healthy lifestyle

Experts, including Professor Louise Robinson at Newcastle University, discuss dementia and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. This is part of the BBC's Living Life Longer series.

published on: 26th May 2016

Insights into the secret of longevity

Too often when people reach advanced old age, the focus of attention is on their past lives. On the occasion of the death of the world's oldest person at 116 years of age, Thomas Scharf, Professor of Social Gerontology in IHS, suggests that the more interesting questions are about the present and future lives of the oldest old.

published on: 17th May 2016

Living – and thriving – in very old age

Professor Carol Jagger and Professor Thomas Scharf recently contributed to The Observer's article on "Britons at 90: healthier, wiser, more independent – but it helps if you’re rich”.

published on: 25th April 2016

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