Professor Louise Robinson
Director, Newcastle University Institute for Ageing; Professor of Primary Care and Ageing

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An academic GP for 18 years, I am part of the Faculty Ageing, Health and Society Research Group with a joint programme of research between the Institute of Health and Society (IHS) and the Institute of Ageing and Health; within IHS I colead the Lifecourse, Development and Ageing research theme.

My personal research programme is focused on Primary Care, Ageing and the well being of older people, especially those with dementia; specific interests include early intervention, end of life care and the role of assitive technologies. In 2012, I won a prestigious NIHR Translational Professorship to improve the quality of commnity care for people with dementia and their families. Currently I am the RCGP national Clinical Champion for Dementia (2012-2015).

Roles and Responsibilities

Nationally: Lead primary care advisor: Prime Minister's National Dementia Challenge.

RCGP National Clinical Champion for Dementia
Lead and Chair, Primary Care Clincial Studies Group for Dementia and Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Network (DeNDRoN).
Member of the UK Ministerial Advisory Group on Dementia Research; Primary care lead on the National Dementia Strategy Implementation Committee and Workforce Development Group.

GP principal (Saville Medical Group,Saville Row,Newcastle upon Tyne).


University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Medical School 1980-1985 1985 - M.B.B.S (Newcastle University)
1987 - Family Planning Certificate
1988 - D.C.H. (London)
1989 - M.R.C.G.P.
1992 - Diploma of Medical Education (Dundee)
1999 - MD (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)

Previous Positions

Clinical Senior Lecturer in Dementia and Ageing Research (2003 - present).
Clinical Senior Lecturer in Primary Care and Medical Education (1999 -2003).
Lecturer in Primary Care (1993 - 1999).
Full-time GP (1990 - 1993).


Member of Royal College of General Practitioners.
British Medical Association.
Society of Academic Primary Care.
Northern Primary Care Research Network.
Dementia and Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Network.

Honours and Awards

NIHR Translational Professorship Award (2012-2017).
Alzheimer Society Ambassador.
Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners.
RCGP National Clinical Champion for Ageing and Older People (2009-2012).
Finalist: RCGP Young General Practitioner of the Year (1999).    

Research Interests

Health of older people in primary care
Dementia care
Assistive and next generation technologies.
Systematic reviewing
Pragmatic trials of complex interventions

Other Expertise

Translational research.

Current Research

Total research funding won to date is around £18.5 million (£9.5 million as PI/co-PI) from a variety of sources including NIHR funding streams, BUPA Foundation, TSB ALIP and the Department of Health.

I also hold one of only several national NIHR Translational Professorships  (2012-2017) which is focused on improving community-based dementia care.  

Current work is focused on three themes:
1) Health and wellbeing of older people in primary care:  To identify factors which facilitate healthy ageing, and hence minimise dependency, as people grow older in the community. This work currently includes several major national cohort studies: Newcastle 85+ study (PI Kirkwood, Newcastle), which explores the health and wellbeing of the oldest old (2004-) and MRC Cognitive Function and Ageing Study (MRC CFAS)(PI Brayne, Cambridge).

2) Enhancing the quality of dementia care:  I am currently PI on NIHR Programme Grant looking at Supporting Excellence in End of Life care in dementia (2013-2018) and co-applicant on a range of studies exploring the whole spectrum of dementia care from diagnosis and early detection, through to advanced dementia and end of life care. An emerging strand of this theme is exploring the development and evaluation of assistive technologies to promote independence for people with dementia.

3) Technologies for ageing populations: Assistive technologies afford huge potential to facilitate independent living for our ageing populations. This is a new programme of work focused on the development, evaluation and implementation of assitive technolgoies for older people, especially those with dementia. This work is funded through grants from DH, ESRC Technology Strategy Board Assisted Living Platform.  


Research Roles

Research principal investigator
Co-Lead: Lifecourse Development and Ageing theme (IHS)
Lead: Primary Care Clinical Studies Group; DeNDRoN Research Network

Postgraduate Supervision

I currently supervise 4 PhD/MD students and regularly supervise MSc students and GP Specialist registrars on the Academic Innovative Posts of the Northumbria GP Vocational Training Scheme.

Esteem Indicators

RCGP National Clinical Champion for Ageing and Older People (2009-2012)
Lead, Primary Care Clincial Studies Group for Dementia and Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Network (DeNDRoN).
Primary care lead and committee member of following national committees: UK Ministerial Advisory Group on Dementia Research; National Dementia Strategy Implementation Committee; National Dementia Strategy Workforce Development Group.
Invited key note speaker at national and international conferences.


2012-2017. £1,500,000. NIHR Translational Professorship Award. Living with dementia; towards better quality community care.  Lead Investigator. 

2012-2016. £3,000,000. NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme. Evaluating the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of Dementia Care Mapping (DCM) to enable Person Centred Care training (PCCT) for people with dementia and staff: A UK cluster randomised controlled trial in care homes (DCM EPIC trial).  PI Claire Surr (Bradford), Murna Downs, Clive Ballard, Louise Robinson, Graham Stokes et al. Co-investigator.

2012-2014. £300,000.  NIHR Service Delivery and Organisation. Co-morbidity and dementia: improving healthcare for people with dementia. (CoDem).  PI Frances Bunn (Herts), Clare Goodman, Louise Robinson, Greta Rait et al.  Co-investigator.

2011- 2013. £1.98 million.  TSB Assisted Living Platform.  Designing scalable assistive technologies and services for independent healty living and sustainable market development in the Mixed Digital Economy. PI Fenf Li, Patrick Olivier, Peter Wright, Katie Brittain, Louise Robinson, Tracy Finch, Rob Wilson et al.   Co-applicant. 

2011-2013.  £253,799. MRC Life long Health and Wellbeing Programme.  Ageing Creatively: a pilot study to explore the relation of creative arts interventions to wellbeing in later life. PI Eric Cross, Linda Anderson, Louise Robinson, Katie Brittain, Julian Hughes, Martin Freeston. .  Co-applicant. 

2011-2012.  £94,347.  NIHR Programme Development Grant.  Developing an evidence-based intervention to improve health care for, and prevent avoidable hospital admission of, older care home residents with frailty or dementia.  PI Murna Downs (Bradford), Elizabeth Sampson, Linda Clare, Louise Robinson, John Young, Brendan McCormack, Cornelius Catona.  Co-applicant. 

2011-14. £657,000. NIHR Health Technology Assessment.  A pragmatic randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of Collaborative Care for people with Dementia in primary care (CARE-DEM trial). Steve Iliffe/Louise Robinson (co PIs), Bond J, Chew-Graham C, Katona C, Knapp M. . Joint principal investigator.

2010-2012. £649,621. Department of Health.  HEALTHBRIDGE: National evaluation of dementia advisors and peer support networks. PI Charlotte Clarke (Northumbria), Mima Cattan, Lynne Corner, Louise Robinson. . Co-applicant.

2010-2012. £238,827. NIHR Research for Patient Benefit.  Vascular Augmentation of Late Life Unremitting Depression (VALUeD). PI Alan Thomas, Gary Ford, John O’Brien, Louise Robinson. . Co-applicant.

2010-2012. £146,357. NIHR Research for Patient Benefit.  An exploration of patient experiences around diagnosis and treatment of dementia; implications for service development. PI Frances Bunn (Hertfordshire), Goodman C, Robinson L, Rait G, Iliffe S et al.  Co-investigator.

2009-2011. £235,355. NIHR Research for Patient Benefit.  Advance Care Planning; developing a person centred approach for people with dementia. Robinson L, Bamford C, Exley C, Hughes J et al. Principal Investigator.

2008-2010. £249,563. NIHR Service Delivery and Organisation.  The transition from cognitive impairment to dementia: older people’s experiences. Manthorpe, J (Kings, London), Iliffe, S (UCL), Bond J, Robinson L, Goodman C (Herts) et al. . Co-investigator.

2007-2009. £233,000.  NIHR Research for Patient Benefit.  Assessment of mental capacity on going home from hospital. Hughes J, Bond J, Robinson L, Loew S, Mears J, Corner L.  Co-investigator.

2007-2008. £98,590. Centre for Excellence in Life Sciences.  Keeping in touch every day (KITE project) - Safe walking in Dementia. Olivier P/ Robinson L. Joint principal investigator.

2006-2009. £597,359. Department of Health Policy and Research Programme.  Integrating telecare systems for chronic disease management in the community; what needs to be done. PI: Prof C May with Dr T Finch, Prof T Mair (University of Glasgow) Prof A Rodgers (University of Manchester), Dr C Exley, Dr L Robinson, Mr R Wilson.

2007-2011. £2,978,000.  Medical Research Council.  The Newcastle 85+ Study; maintaining the health of the very old. PI's: Prof T Kirkwood, Prof O James, Prof J Bond, Prof M Eccles. . Project team collaborator.

2005-2008. £200,657.  BUPA Foundation. Improving patient-centred care for people with dementia. PI: Ms C Bamford with Dr E Kaner, Dr J Hughes, Dr L Robinson, Dr R Briel, Prof J Spencer, Prof C May. Co-investigator.



Undergraduate Teaching

MBBS degree course: Personal and professional development.
Examiner for clinical and preclinical MBBS.

Postgraduate Teaching

MSc Health Sciences
Certificate in Clinical Research

I am curerntly the Teaching Co-ordinator for the Institute of Health adn Society