Health Psychology

Group leader: Dr Falko Sniehotta

The Health Psychology Research Group Newcastle upon Tyne focuses on behavioural and psychological processes in health and health care. The group's research includes work on methodology, theory and the development and evaluation of interventions, contributing to both scientific and practice agendas. We undertake research which aims to:

  • investigate the causes of behaviour relevant to health and health care;
  • to develop scientific behavioural theory;
  • develop scientific methods to understand, measure and modify behaviour, emotion and cognition;
  • develop and evaluate complex (behavioural) interventions for health and health care;
  • facilitate knowledge translation in health care.

Our work focuses on the understanding of behaviour and the role that emotion and cognition play in psychological science. Most of our work is conducted in interdisciplinary teams and covers primary, secondary and tertiary prevention as well as service delivery and health professional behaviours. We employ and invest in the further development of a range of quantitative and qualitative methods. Our programme involves collaborations nationally and internationally and we maintain close links to the Division of Health Psychology in the British Psychological Society, the European Health Psychology Society and the UK Society for Behavioural Medicine.

The Newcastle Health Psychology Group is committed to providing excellent training opportunities for postgraduate students and early career researchers, we support professional accreditation and we organise regular seminars to facilitate synergy between the members.

Staff List

Health Psychology

Dr Vera Araujo-Soares
Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology

Dr James Newham
Research Associate

Dr Nicola O'Brien
Research Methodologist

Dr Kirby Sainsbury
Research Associate

Professor Falko Sniehotta
Prof Behaviour Medicine & Health Psychol