Decision Making and Organisation of Care

Leads: Richard Thomson & Tracy Finch

Decision Making and Organisation of Care (DMOC) is a multidisciplinary research theme which brings together social and behavioural science and clinical expertise to conduct applied health research. DMOC incorporates three main complementary areas of work:

  • Implementation/improvement science
  • Shared decision making/patient centred care
  • Experience of health, illness and healthcare

Our work spans a diverse range of clinical specialities and utilises a range of research methods and methodologies, employing rigorous single and multi-method qualitative and quantitative research, as well as strategically employing surveys, interactional analysis and systematic reviews.


  • To deliver internationally recognised, multidisciplinary applied empirical research that contributes to understanding and improving both decision making and the organisation and delivery of health care
  • To conduct empirical research on:
    • Professionals’ and patients’ interactions and their negotiations of health care decisions.
    • The scope for, and design and implementation of, shared decision making in a range of clinical settings
    • Experiences of health and illness, and how these are structured and shaped by health care delivery and practices
    • How new knowledge, techniques and technologies can be integrated into clinical practice
  • To actively support the career development of all theme members through targeting and applying for doctoral and early and mid-career fellowships

Selected Projects

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