The Institute of Health & Society (IHS) conducts translational research aimed at promoting evidence-based policy and practice for the benefit of patient and population health. Our research is encapsulated by four over-arching, but inter-related, themes which address important societal concerns:

Our research is underpinned by robust methodological expertise and the key scientific disciplines and also involves close partnership with clinicians, as well as policy makers and practitioners from a range of health and social care settings. 

View a diagram showing the relationship between our research themes and scientific disciplines.

By working closely with the end users of research, we help to ensure that our science is relevant to practice and thus more likely to be adopted into practice in due course. This T2 translational research agenda is exemplified by our hosting of Fuse the Centre for Translational Research in Public Health. Fuse is one of five UKCRC Public Health Research Centres of Excellence and it brings together the five North East Universities, as well as policy and practice partners from across the North East.


The Institute also includes the NIHR Research Design Service North East (RDSNE) and the UKCRC registered Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit (NCTU). The RDSNE provides methodological and practical support to academics and practitioners applying for national peer-reviewed research funding whilst NCTU supports the design, conduct and analysis of randomised controlled trials and other high quality studies.