Designing Scalable Assistive Technologies and Services

From March 2011 to February 2014
Project Leader(s): Dr Katie Brittain ( PI Professor Feng Li)
Staff: Louise Robinson, Tracy Finch, Lynne Corner, Peter Gore, Rob Wilson
Sponsors: Technology Strategy Board Assisted Living Platform

This project brings together a strong consortium of academics,businesses, health and social care professionals, third sectororganisations and user representatives to address challengesand opportunities in both economic and business models to develop assistive technologies to promote independence for older people.

This project will address the following objectives:

To identify and develop new business models forsustainable market development of assisted livingtechnologies and services through empirical research (WP1)

To develop workable and scalable solutions in health andsocial care for assisted living through a co-constructionprocess with key stakeholders (WP2)

To understand the cost and benefit of different future scenarios through economic modelling (WP3)

To understand current and future user uptake and use ofassistive technologies and services (WP4)

To develop a user-centred design approach for newassistive technologies and services (WP5)

To inform theory, practice and policy in assisted living inthe context of the ageing society (WP6, All WPs)

To engage with all key stakeholders and disseminate ourfindings to a broad spectrum of audience throughout theduring of the project and beyond (WP7, All WPs)


Dr Katie Brittain
Lecturer in Social Gerontology

Dr Tracy Finch
Senior Lecturer in Psychology of Health Care

Professor Louise Robinson
Director, Newcastle University Institute for Ageing and Professor of Primary Care and Ageing