Factors Associated with Recurrence and Length of Survival Following Relapse in Patients with Neuroblastoma: A pilot study

From April 2011 to June 2012
Project Leader(s): Dr Richard J.Q. McNally (PI), Professor Deborah Tweddle (Co-I), Dr Richard Feltbower (University of Leeds, Co-I), Dr Guy Makin (University of Manchester, Collaborator), Professor Andrew Pearson (Royal Marsden, Collaborator)
Contact: Dr Richard J.Q. McNally (
Sponsors: Cancer Research UK
Partners: University of Leeds, University of Manchester, Royal Marsden

Despite advances in therapy for neuroblastoma, survival from advanced disease is poor. Few studies have examined the effect of MYCN amplification on type of recurrence, response to treatment or length of survival following relapse.

The objective is to investigate factors associated with recurrence and length of survival following relapse in neuroblastoma patients. The study will analyse 250 relapsed cases of neuroblastoma diagnosed since 1990, from four specialist population-based registries. We also have access to clinical and treatment notes on all cases of neuroblastoma diagnosed during this time period. The notes contain relevant clinical, biological and treatment information.

A database will be constructed. Information on all cases of recurrent neuroblastoma is currently being extracted and matched with clinical, biological and treatment information from notes. We will describe factors associated with recurrence of neuroblastoma. Survival analysis will be used to investigate factors associated with poor response to subsequent treatment given at relapse.


Nermine Basta
Research Assistant

Richard Hardy
Computing Officer

Dr Peter James
Research Associate

Dr Richard McNally
Reader in Epidemiology